Ethical business shouldn't have to be an oxymoron

2020 has been a year of upheaval. 

Between COVID-19, BLM movements, and Facebook’s numerous Antitrust hearings: Consumer and business priorities are shifting.

The questions that used to be at the backs of people’s minds have been thrust to the forefront.

  • How can we be more inclusive?
  • How can we be anti-racist?
  • How can we reduce implicit bias?
  • How can we move beyond reducing environmental damage and move towards making a positive impact?

Sustainability. Ethics. Integrity. Safety. Inclusivity. Health. Security. 

We call it by different names, but at its core, it’s about one idea:

How good can we be to each other 

And how can we do it while maximizing profitability?

Ethical Business is Good Business


of consumers want companies that stand for something.


of consumers would spend more on products from sustainable brands.


of millennials would take pay cuts to work at ethical companies 

Running a more ethical business lets you:

Peacex Plus Bullet

Increase profit

Peacex Plus Bullet

Maintain a healthy environment

Peacex Plus Bullet

Mitigate risk

Peacex Plus Bullet

Build lasting brand loyalty

Peacex Plus Bullet

Promote positive human interaction and equity

Peacex Plus Bullet

Increase consumer satisfaction

The question is how?

How do create a culture of inclusiveness at an established organization?

How do you broach conversations about data ethics when profit is the #1 concern?

How do you build and market products that are both ethical and profitable?

How do we account for new developments in Machine Learning and AI?

In an all, new, 100% virtual, interactive format...

Return on Integrity:
Why an Ethical Business Is A More Profitable One

Return on Integrity is a two hour, done-in-an afternoon workshop for executives, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders who are tired of information echo chambers and ready to take concrete steps towards creating more ethical organizations.


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Through this workshop we will:

  • Canvas your organization's ethics to identify what’s working, what’s missing, and what needs work
  • Create an ethical framework that accounts for the unique challenges faced by your products
  • Develop a roadmap to implementing that framework and create a process to maximize both impact and profit
  • Align your company ethics and values with Sustainable Development Goals giving you access to more capital and growth opportunities
Save Your Spot

This is NOT a webinar series. 

This is a 2-hour hands-on interactive workshop designed to get you thinking about and executing on the ethical challenges your organization faces.

Who is this for?

Corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and consultants that work closely with technology and want to ensure that their organization is committed to building a legacy of positive impact while maintaining (or exceeding!) their growth goals. 


About Your Instructor

Margarita Quihuis Headshot

Margarita Quihuis

Executive Director, Peace Innovation Institute

Margarita’s team at the Peace Innovation Institute applies behavior design, wide-scale innovation, persuasive technology & the potential of technology to shift social behavior towards positive impact. 

She was the founding director of Astia, a tech incubator for women entrepreneurs where her portfolio companies raised $67 million in venture funding; venture partner for NewVista Capital, a seed fund focused on women and POC tech founders; Reuters Fellow at Stanford; Director of RI Labs for Ricoh Innovations; head, New Media at IDEO; Director for venture fund of funds Horsley Bridge Partners.

Return on Integrity:

Why an Ethical Business Is A More Profitable One